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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sabah hit by strong wind

Strong winds hit Sabah west coast on Tuesday morning leaving a trail of destruction, including landslide.
The wind, which was about 85km an hour, hit Sabah about 9.30am.

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City Hall workers clearing up the fallen trees in  Kota Kinabalu Tuesday

In the 30 minutes mayhem, which was accompanied by heavy rain, saw many trees being uprooted and properties damaged.
Sabah police official said traffic on several major roads in Kota Kinabalu was choatic due to uprooted trees blocking the way, causing motorists to crawl or get trapped in.

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                        Pictures: Courtesy of Tracy Lim
The Metrological department said the strong winds was caused by a tropical depression that formed over the Philippines early Tuesday.

Credit: NST