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Monday, 5 August 2013

Iron pipe, wood and steel and you get a Bakakuk in a day

KOTA KINABALU: A piece of iron pipe, hard wood and steel are all that is needed to make a homemade shotgun, known locally as ‘Bakakuk.'

It is quite easy to make a Bakakuk. Give an expert and he'll complete it in a day. A novice would take longer and the end-product might not look like a gun.

The Bakakuk is made by simply attaching the iron pipe, to form the gun barrel, to the steel part that is moulded to form the breech and trigger mechanism. The hard wood forms the grip and stock.
Once completed, the bullets can be purchsed from the firearms dealers. A Bakakuk cost about RM700 these days depending on the quality.

Many hunting accidents have occurred as the result of the Bakakuk but many still opt for this home made weapon due to the hassle of getting a firearm licence.

Police said numerous arrests have been made in the past mainly due to accidents involving the use of the Bakakuk, yet the weapon remained a favourite among city folk and villagers.

Bakakuks are normally used for hunting while farmers used them to protect their land. Others bought them as a collector’s item. In fact, some Bakakuks have been in the family collection for generations.

Local district police chiefs explained that they sometimes turn a blind eye to the possession of Bakakuk as long as the gun is not used to cause injury or trouble.

Credit: Stephanie Lee