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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Student stabs classmate with scissors over homework argument

PETALING JAYA: A schoolboys’ quarrel quickly escalated into violence when a 12-year-old boy stabbed his classmate with scissors in the school compound.
The mother of Sharif Lew claimed that her son had earlier argued with his classmate over homework last week.
Xu Huan, a Chinese national married to a Malaysian man, alleged that her son put the incident behind him until his Form 1 classmate confronted him again after classes on Monday afternoon.
“The boy ran up to my son and started screaming racial slurs at him while stabbing him with a pair of scissors.
“After stabbing my son, the boy threatened him again before running away,” said Xu.
Her husband immediately took her son to the hospital where no major injuries were found.
However, the incident has traumatised Sharif, who now does not want to return to school.
“He is very quiet now. He doesn’t even want to talk to us.
“He keeps telling us that he doesn’t remember what happened,” she said.
Xu has also lodged a police report and complained to the school principal about the matter.
“All they said is that they will look into this.
“All children in the school are in danger if there are boys who would not think twice about stabbing other people with scissors,” she said.
The school principal was not available for comment.
The deputy director of the Sentul district education office Nik Ramas Nik Wan declined to comment on the matter, saying that investigations are still ongoing.
City CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Ku Chin Wah confirmed the report.