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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Nigerian drug lord a college student by day

KUALA LUMPUR: The 28-year-old Nigerian leader of an international drug distribution ring was masquerading as a college student.
He made easy money by luring lovestruck women into smuggling drugs.
The man became a major player in the regional drug smuggling trade, but despite keeping a low-profile, his activities were noticed.
He was nabbed after a six-month surveillance by police.
Catching him was not easy as unlike other drug lords, he did not attract attention by driving flashy cars, frequenting night clubs and living in a luxury apartment.
“He travelled by taxi, did not behave flamboyantly and kept a low profile.
It is learnt that the youth was involved in coordinating the transportation, recruitment, packaging, storing and financial dealings in his syndicate.
His luck ran out on Sunday when police raided his Puchong apartment and arrested him.
Credit: The Star