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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


One robber seriously hurt and others flee after martial arts man puts up a fight

FOUR knife-wielding robbers ran out of luck while trying to rob a martial arts master of his gold chain in Kepong.
With help from one of his students, 33-year-old Wong Yaw Min overcame the robbers with his bare hands.
One of the robbers was severely injured during the fight, reported China Press.
The incident happened on Tuesday, right after Wong had finished having breakfast with his student.
Four men on two motorcycles, who were armed with knives, approached him.
One of them tried to grab his gold chain.
Wong fought off the attackers and when his student saw the scuffle, he jumped to his master's aid.
One of the attackers managed to escape unhurt while two others were knocked off their motorcycles before fleeing on foot.
Policemen, who arrived later, took the injured robber to the hospital.