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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Man renovates wrong house

A MAN spent about RM94,000 to renovate his new house only to discover, after all the works had been completed, that he had renovated the wrong house, Sin Chew Daily reported.
Gui Li Zong and his family, who were celebrating Chinese New Year in the house, were shocked when the actual owner of the house showed up in Chongqing, China.
“Why are you staying here? I bought this house in 2011,” the owner told Gui.
The owner even showed Gui the contract. Only then did Gui realise he had renovated the wrong house.
“I viewed the house twice before I signed the contract.
“The property agent showed me this particular unit,” Gui said, adding that he only put up the house number after the renovation work had been completed.
Gui then checked with the agent but the person-in-charge denied that she had showed Gui the wrong unit.
The home owner also refused to exchange his house for Gui's unit.
Credit: NG SI HOOI, JASON YU and A. RAMAN/TheStar