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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Shia Islamic boarding school attacked in Madura

A Shia Islamic boarding school (pesantren), Misbahul Hudayah, in Nangkrenang hamlet, Karang Gayam village in Sampang, Madura, was attacked and set ablaze by an unidentified group of people on Thursday.
School adviser Iklil al Milal said the perpetrators also burned down his house and the house belonging to the school’s principal, Tajul Muluk.
“I heard this morning rumors that a group of people were going to burn our school building, so I rushed to the school,” Iklil told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.
“I was just about to discuss the issue with the school principal and a few students, when a group of people arrived and burned our school compound.”
Iklil said no-one was injured as they managed to evacuate everyone before the building was attacked.
“The perpetrators were the same people who attacked our school in 2006. They included both local villagers and people from outside,” he said, “We have received threats and intimidation almost everyday since then. They even threatened to kill us.”
Iklil said he had reported the incident this morning to police but the several police officers who visited the school did nothing.
Around 155 students and three teachers have taken shelter at one of the student’s houses. However, they will not stay too long in one place; “because they have threatened to attack all the houses of people who have relations with us”, Iklil said.
The majority of Muslims in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world, are followers of Sunni, one of the Islamic brances, while only a small percentage are Shia followers.
Credit to: TheJakartaPost