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Friday, 30 December 2011

Parents: Integrity will create confidence in system

KUALA LUMPUR: Teachers must be ready, objective, independent and professional when they execute the national level school-based assessment (SBA) system to replace Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) starting next year.

Praising the Education Ministry’s move to abolish PMR, Parent Action Group for Education (Page)  president Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim said parents must be assured that the SBA would not be subject to  “the whims and fancies  of the teachers”.
“For SBA to be successful, teachers must exhibit the utmost level of integrity so that parents will have confident in the system,” she told the New Straits Times yesterday.
Noor Azimah was upbeat that more parents would be involved in their children’s learning proces under the SBA, which would require strong cooperation between parents and teachers.
She said it would be crucial for students to utilise both teachers and their parents in their learning process.
“Parents should be able to guide their children when they are at home  
In this respect, she said it was important that the syllabus, the lesson plan, targets and goals were set early and that  students and parents had access to them.
“The new assessment system will rely on the students’ day-to-day performance, which will lead to consistent and effective learning experiences.”  
She said the move to abolish PMR reflected the ministry’s sensitivity by taking into account  parents’ views on their children’s education development.
After finding the current learning system to be too exam-oriented, the government decided to have only one public examination, allowing teachers and students to focus on improving the latter’s creativity, communication skill and co-curricular activities as well as sports.
On the government’s decision to replace the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English with the “Upholding the Malay Language and Strengthening the Command of English” system, Noor Azimah believed a combination of the two systems would be more effective.
She said unless people had the right attitude towards learning, the government’s efforts to improve the education system would be futile.
“In this  era of information technology, we are surrounded by knowledge and the best way forward is to have the right attitude”.

Credit to: NST