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Friday, 17 February 2012

Kite festival blown away by storm

PASIR GUDANG: A storm practically blew away a kite festival here as people scrambled out of tents that toover due to the strong winds.
The tents housed international participants of the yearly 17th World Kite Festival.
People were seen running out of the tents to seek shelter elsewhere at the height of the storm at 4.50pm.
Some of the participants running out of the collapsed tents
Australian Roger Martin, 68, a participant for 10 years, managed to grab all his belongings, including a Spongebob Squarepants kite, before running for shelter.
But he feels upbeat about the event despite the weather.
"It's a shame that the weather has not been good but I believe it will get better in the remaining two days of the event," he said.
Azhar Saifuddein, 25, who ran to aid the participants retrieve their kites, said he was taking pictures when the winds came.
"I wanted to help them retrieve their kites because it would be a waste to lose them," he said.
An event officer, who declined to be named, said no one was injured in the incident.
Credit to: The Star