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Friday, 13 December 2013

6 sekeluarga dalam misi 'By Road To Malaysia' selamat tiba di tanah air

BUKIT KAYU HITAM: Enam sekeluarga yang menetap di England selama 15 tahun sejak 1999, selamat tiba di tanah air melalui pintu masuk sempadan Malaysia-Thailand, di sini selepas menempuh perjalanan selama 155 hari dengan menaiki kenderaan caravan. 

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Keluarga berkenaan selamat tiba di negara ini kira-kira jam 12.30 tengah hari tadi.

Photo: Sorry for not updating much stories since entering Thailand. It has been a continuous journey since China, Laos and into Thailand. Lovely to meet dad, meeting my Thai's relatives and a planned filming with Yateem tv by relatives in Bangkok. 

We have receive lots of support from every sort of Thai's after last night on air with Yateem tv. Today at highway service, someone came to our motorhome after recognise us on air last night. Plenty of message received from Thai people from all different background. Really please as people feel inspired by our journey.

Thai is our 26th country and really a place for us to recoup back all the energy with their friendly tourism accommodation price. I have been cleaning motorhome back and forth, so do dear husband. We been quiet busy trying to prepare motorhome for our big arrival day. Since entering Thailand, although we haven't reach Malaysian border yet, the feeling of achievement among our team member is really high. A very big release on the shoulder, which suddenly while travelling I never felt sooooo sleepy and tired as I feel once we enter Thailand. The sense of 'back home' is getting too much and at the same time, still we not know what to expect when we arrived. Like someone said in the comment, the beginning to an end..which is just how we feel.

There are so many for me to think off, and so many to do at the same time. Possibly at some point I feel blank. Also at the same time, my dad had drive to Thailand from my hometown, Perlis and meet us at Songkla two days back. So do my dear brother and heavily pregnant wife. Thanks so much. Southern Thailand is both my dad and brother territory, so having them really make things easy around. Plus we can get the motorhome to rest, recharging the leisure battery and cleaning after cleaning. My mum also bring one of my niece with her and kids soo happy to meet one of their cousin after such a long journey and long time. 

Tomorrow we will be visiting friends who we haven't meet for a very long time. First time we bring kid to Thailand, is when we came to Yala in 1996 when our eldest Puteri Sabeera was 4 months old. And my first time visiting Yala is when I was 17 years old. Since marriage, we have been to Southern part of Thailand now and again. But, since we moved to UK< we haven't really been to east part of Southern Thailand because of high security alert and we really miss lots of our friends around here. Therefore which is why we wanted to take sometimes to go around and at the same time, choosing 14th December to enter Thailand although we can enter anytime now, is to give chance for families and friends to gather as it's Saturday.

We haven't got any planned for the arrival day as we are not an official traveler or government sponsored. Therefore our arrival day will be only meet and greet [ersonally at Bukit Kayu Hitam and hopefully I can arrange everybody to convoy to our homestay which we booked in Jitra. Therefore we were thinking if anybody want to join our meet and greet, possibly can bring some pot luck for lunch time or we can off somewhere for a picnic! After all, overland is all about outdoor activities. So I was thinking possibly if people want to join together, for our meet and greet, we can do informal picnic where we going to stay with some space in the garden around the house. Bringing pot luck is only because we are not been able to provide for everybody after this costly journey, but we can alays come together with an easy way with pot luck. Something we used to. when living overseas. 

Insya Allah, we cannot wait for the time to come, to reach Malaysian border and reach target destination.....after a very long way 'balik kampung'! 

Day 151

Mereka memulakan perjalanan dari England melalui 26 negara seluruh dunia bagi meneruskan misi 'By Road To Malaysia' sebelum sampai ke negara ini.

 Sofinee Harun's photo.