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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Cik Siti Aminah

" The tomb of a famous lady, Cik Siti Aminah Tanah Masyhur, lies in the Johor River bank, at Kampung Tembioh, Kota Tinggi."

There is a tomb which I have long wanted to visit but it was only today ( Sunday 16/09/2012) I had the opportunity.

In Kampung Tembioh, close to the riverbank, we can find the tomb of Cik Siti Aminah. Cik Siti Aminah was a famous lady whose reputation for beauty and intelligence remains until today. She is believed to have come from the family of dignitaries, whose father held the rank of Temenggung or Bendahara. Unfortunately for Cik Siti Aminah, her life was littered with trials and what many would leave at bad luck.

Throughout her life, Cik Siti Aminah was met with the demise of her husbands. This strange but sad fate befell her an incredible total of 99 times, as her first 99 husbands died one after another, as though a curse or spell has been casted upon her. But despite the sad outcome of her marriages, Cik Siti Aminah bravely pushed on and finally found a happy life with her 100th husband. Her strength, faith and perseverance were virtues that serves as a lesson to others.


Along the road to Makam Cik Siti Aminah, you might also notice two pillboxes - important concrete structures built by the British during the Second World War which houses machine guns.


We hope that in future, local museum at Kota Tinggi could preserve this site as a heritage site for future generations. 

Credit to: Mokhtar Travell & Tours, Johor Tourism, Radzi Sapiee